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Why vote for a Christian Party?

Why vote for a Christian Party?

What does a Christian Party stand for?


When many people think of a Christian political party they immediately think only of pro-life issues. While of course pro-life issues are critical, and our nation deserves judgment for the hundreds of thousands of murdered unborn babies, a Christian party stands for much more than just pro-life issues. What many fail to realize is that our very law and foundation of society is built upon Judeo-Christian law and values. Thousands of migrants flee the oppression of Islam to find a better life here because of these values. While many have forsaken the God of these values, they still love those values and live on borrowed capital from prior generations who taught, valued and upheld them. Even Andrew Bolt, a journalist who claims to not be a Christian, constantly affirms the Christian worldview taught him by his parents. He is a “cultural Christian”, similarly many Christians are “cultural atheists” because while claiming the name “Christian,” have the values and worldview of the atheists.  


The Bible speaks to every issue of life and a Christian should obtain their worldview from its timeless wisdom which is the word of the living God.

For example, how should a Christian approach environmentalism? Is it true that humans are the curse of the earth and should be eliminated? Is it true that marriage is arbitrary and a social construct? Are men's and women's roles also simply social constructs? If they are, who made them up and why? If they are not, what are the consequences of redefining such important definitions? We need to have answers and indeed the Bible has them.



We would not even be talking about the word "Marriage" if it wasn't for the Bible. The Bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman committed to each other until death. The atheist cannot even talk about marriage without borrowing from the Judeo-Christian worldview. Thus, if you redefine marriage, you may as well also redefine the amount you get in your pay. Imagine your boss giving you $0 next pay. After all, we are free to redefine words willy-nilly at our whim, right? This is a critical issue this election because many do not realize the social consequences and loss of freedom to ALL CHRISTIANS if same-sex “marriage” becomes legal. We cannot afford to be complacent about this. We are already beginning to see the consequence of this overseas. Some of the things you need to consider yourself and  explain to others:

  • It won’t affect me, it doesn’t matter what people do behind closed doors. Yes it does! Besides the critical moral depravity that this will open the door to, you will not even be allowed to preach on any moral issues in church, you won’t even be able to preach the gospel which necessarily must address the sin question, without risking your freedom.
  • You will, in the very near future, not be able to choose to go to a male only, or female only toilet or shower at any facility, not just public facilities. How will you feel taking your daughter or grand-daughter to the toilet with men?
  • You will not even be allowed to teach that men usually are attracted to women and vice versa. You will not be able to say it is “normal”. The consequences are astounding so we cannot be complacent about this.
  • You will not be able, even in a Christian school to employ teachers who uphold the faith and doctrine of the school. This won’t be limited to schools of course, this is just an example. All religious exemptions will be gone.
  • All home or small businesses will be affected as well. You will not be able to choose on conscience to serve or not serve a couple who come to you for say a wedding cake, flours, to rent your bed and breakfast, etc.
  • The High court of Australia has already said that if same-sex marriage is legalized, it is only a small step to legalizing polygamy. In Canada, after legalizing same-sex marriage, judges are already saying that bestiality and pedophilia are ok. This is no joke. When you are free to redefine such fundamental words and deconstruct meaning like this, there are no absolutes and the limit is the deprave mind of man.
  • The cost of health implications is also staggering. Not only in terms of physical STDs, but the mental issues which often follow gender confusion. This will be the worst thing which will ever happen to this nation.
  • The sexualization of children is yet another consequence we are seeing even now in the so called “Safe Schools” curriculum. It boggles the mind that Christians believe we shouldn’t stand for truth in the Public square. If Christians do not vote, they are part of the problem and not the solution. I’ll come back to this later.     



Why is Greenland called Greenland? Because it was once green. The earth was once warmer. Indeed creationists have no problem with this. Climate cycles have been with us since the beginning and man is not the cause of them, nor could he even if he wished, change the course of them. God is the sustainer of life and this world will not cease until He chooses it to. Since He is not like the mythical Greek gods who played tricks and changed their minds at a whim, we can trust that He will end this world as He said He would, at the last judgment. Some of the bogus lies you need to combat are:

  • Renewable energy such as solar cells and wind turbines will make life better for the earth. The truth is that such devices cause their own pollution on a much grander scale, because turbines require batteries which contain toxic chemicals both in their manufacture and in themselves, and must be disposed of regularly. Solar cells also require manufacturing processes which create pollution. The truth is that God has given us in our mineral store, sufficient oil and coal for all, provided we reduce our materialistic greed. 
  • Environmentalism is rather then a problem of man's greed, materialism and waste, not that God has not given us sufficient natural resources, or that those resources are bad for the planet. Far more pollution spewed into the atmosphere when everyone had wood fires and horses drew carts and dropped their waste everywhere. We’d reduce resource wastage if we taught our children restraint rather than instant and self-gratification.



The role of government as stipulated in the Bible is not to be the socialistic savior of the world, but to simply enforce the moral law of God (Rom 13:4-7) and to protect its citizens, maintaining national sovereignty. If God only asked for 10%, who is the government to ask more.


Foreign ownership

God says that foreign ownership is a sign of a nation's judgment. We should not be selling off our assets, especially our prime farming land. Food security, fuel, and other natural resources necessary for our citizens should come from here, not overseas. In Israel's day, when they were under judgment, they couldn't even sharpen their swords because they were in bondage to the Philistines (1 Sam 13:20). (Also see Lam 5:1-8).



The family is the atom of society. Children belong to their parents, not to the state. God asks parents to be responsible for training their children both in morality and skills for living. If we did a better job of this, if morality was again the core of the curriculum, rather than social-sexual engineering, imagine how much money the government would save on crime, the health sector (drug and alcohol abuse), supporting single mothers whose partners want the pleasure without taking the responsibility for raising children, etc. etc. Teaching our children morality and being good examples ourselves would save more money than you could imagine. It would also reduce the materialism and waste I was talking about earlier. Instead, our schools promote the Socialist agenda of sexual promiscuity and homosexuality which only exacerbates the cultural ills we then need to throw billions of dollars at, and still can't fix.



Why aren't Muslim countries taking in Muslim refugees? Because their worldview doesn't teach it. If Muslim countries took in their own, and we took in the persecuted Christians who would uphold rather than undermine our values, how much more stable our society would be, and how much we'd save on national security not having to try to anticipate the next move of Islamic terrorism. I am not against individual Muslims, but the religion of Islam has very different consequences to its fundamental outworking than Christianity, which is why you don't have Christian refugees fleeing Australia to go to Islamic countries but vice versa.


I could go on, but you see, the Bible speaks to all of life and a Christian party has answers, solid answers, not just more of mans' flimsy opinions on this and that. We have the wisdom and revelation of the God who created reality and who also defined the rules for its outworking.


As to the question of whether Christians should be involved in the civil sphere or vote, did you know that it was Socialism’s goal to infiltrate the seminaries and churches and teach this lie, to make Christianity powerless? This is the truth. Look up “Agenda, Grinding America Down” or “Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit.” Prior to this teaching, Christians were the politicians, judges, police, etc. After all, what did the godless care about justice, morality or truth. Don’t buy this lie.

A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring. (Prov. 25:26


Some may say that we can’t impose morality upon the unbeliever. Everyone must stop at a red traffic light, whether they believe in them or not. God expects judgment in the gate.


Please help me by spreading this message to every Christian contact you know, or, to everyone you know who still respects Christian values.


If anyone asks you if a minor party can get in this election, tell them that they will decide. Don’t be fatalistic and assume the two major parties are the only alternatives. 

  • On the white Senate paper, either vote for 6 parties above the line, or 12 individual candidates below the line. place the minor parties prior to the major ones so that your preferences flow appropriately. Don’t do both or your vote will be invalid. 
  • On the green House of Representatives paper, you’ll need to fill in all boxes in preference order. 

Remember, if you vote below the line, and need to choose individual candidates, know what they stand for. For example, for Liberal, we know that Cory Bernardi and David Fawcett will uphold traditional marriage.


Joseph Stephen

Christian Democratic Party SA 2nd Senate candidate. 








For Immediate Release




Date:  12th June 2016






Joseph Stephen is running as a Senate candidate for South Australia at the upcoming 2016 Federal Election. He is the 2nd Senate candidate for the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group). The lead Senate candidate for South Australia is Matt Attia. The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) was started by Fred Nile over 35 years ago. Fred Nile is one of the longest serving politicians in Australia and is a conservative, Bible believing Christian.


Joseph Stephen is a totally blind software engineer, author, preacher, and father of 9. He has been married to Mary Florence for 20 years. His vision and mission is to teach and apply the wisdom of God to every area of life through family-based discipleship. He first ran as a Senate candidate for the CDP in 2010.


•              Support traditional marriage and family,


•              Defend the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death,


•              Support our farmers and national food security,


•              Support small businesses,


•              Give priority to Christian refugees who will respect and live by our Christian values,


•              Protect religious freedom and freedom of speech.


Every state and territory will have the chance to defy the sexualisation of our children and stop the unsafe schools program. All Australians will have the opportunity to oppose the undermining of marriage, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  In South Australia you can vote for CDP in the Senate by placing your No 1 CDP vote in Group M above the line. Preference recommendations for spots 1-6 will be provided in coming days and at the polling booths however it is the voter that ultimately decides where preferences are directed. If you do choose to vote below the line on the Senate paper, when considering Liberal candidates, please note that David Fawcett and Cory Bernardi should be preferenced before all other Liberal candidates as they are known to support conservative Christian views.


The CDP is also fielding three lower house candidates in South Australia: Marina William for Hindmarsh, Jen Salt for Port Adelaide and Ralph Anderson for Wakefield. Please support them and ensure you Vote 1 CDP and preference other parties as you wish.  


Joseph Stephen


State Director – South Australia 


Mob: 0416 090 232 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



A Note to Voters in the Electorate of Sturt

Though CDP has Senate candidates representing all electorates (white paper), we only currently have three lower house candidates in Port Adelaide, Wakefield and Hindmarsh (green paper). We thus strongly encourage everyone in the Electorate of Sturt to give their support to Neil Aitchison ( who is running as an independent. Neil is a Christian and will never support "same-sex marriage" or the "safe schools" agenda social engineering. He will also never support Shariah law.