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Lord Christopher Monckton Guest Speaker At FLAG Dinner


Standing: Brenton Green, Caleb, Gideon and Micah Stephen) Seated: Joseph Stephen, Founder of Faithful Generations and Lord Christopher Monckton

By Joseph K Stephen

On Friday evening, 26 September, my three oldest sons and I attended a dinner organized by the Farmers and Land Owners Action Group (FLAG Australia) at which Lord Christopher Monckton was guest speaker. Several years ago I wrote an article describing five signs that a nation was under God’s judgment. In that article I mentioned that within five to ten years, we would be importing all of our food. In 2012, Victoria imported more food than it produced. South Australia is well on its way to following suit. The over regulation of the NRMA and EPA are ensuring that farmers are forced off the land. At the dinner, a figure was quoted of four suicides per week amongst the farming community because of the hardship of this over regulation! City folk need to get behind our farmers and let our politicians know that we will not tolerate this over regulation which is strangling our food producers. Did you know that some farmers must pay for the “right” to draw water from their land, even if they do not draw it? Please visit the FLAG website to read more about the numerous injustices that farmers are suffering at the hands of our bureaucrats.

Lord Christopher Monckton told us many “inconvenient” truths about the lies of the climate change alarmists. Did you know that there has been NO global warming for about 18 years, in spite of all of the rhetoric claiming otherwise? Did you know that solar electricity, wind mills and other “renewable” energy cause more pollution than modern efficient coal generators, due to their manufacturing and maintenance, especially because both sources require battery or generator backup? Batteries have a relatively short life and are both harmful to the environment to produce and also to dispose of. Because of the intermittent nature of solar and wind energy, generators necessary for backup power are run well below their efficiency levels, and thus it is more environmentally friendly overall to just run a few large modern efficient coal generators at full capacity rather than numerous smaller backup generators or use numerous environmentally damaging rechargeable batteries which have a very limited life span. Wind mills also kill numerous bats and birds which fly into their massive, intrusive blades.

Lord Monckton is headed to Queensland next, where he will expose the fraudulent publication of an Australian tax payer funded study which claimed that 97.1% of peer reviewed journals on climate change blamed humans for global warming. He and a colleague combed through the data and found that it was totally fraudulent and that the actual figure was closer to about 0.3%. How can one turn 0.3% into 97.1% without a deliberate agenda to misrepresent the truth? We all hope that such thugs will be brought to justice for the immense cost which flowed out of the governmental policies resulting from this fraudulent claim. Because of our Christian heritage, we think everybody still tells the truth. We are so trusting of the scientific community and the media. The truth is, in many circles, truth is no longer important at all, only the self advancement of those forcing their propaganda down our throats.

The truth exposed last night was that Communism is alive and well globally and in Australia, and is doing its utmost to take control of all of our lives. One of its very successful vehicles for doing this is the Environmental movement. (See my Environmentalism poem in my poetry book, More Than Meets the Eye.) Most people couldn’t care less of course until one day they wake up and wonder where their freedom has gone. Time and again, Lord Monckton has exposed the agenda of the Communists, as they hide serious freedom crushing consequences in their United Nations treaties which governments adopt without reading in their entirety because the statements are hidden amongst pages and pages of waffle. He warned politicians to be far more vigilant before accepting such treaties. He urged them to read the fine print, even if one has to stay up all night to do so as Lord Monckton has done on several occasions at such conferences. Here’s one of his speeches which went viral and has had over 3.5 million views. Here is where he exposed the UN’s treaty intending to create a global Communist World government. Thank God he did, because his exposure ensured it didn’t happen then. Of course complacency will ensure that it eventually will. One might argue that we are to expect a one world government, so why would we want to delay its happening and delay the Lord’s return? The answer is in 2 Thess. 2:7-9. It is the Holy Spirit, working through the believer, whose job it is to retard the moral decay of society, through our salt and light (Matt. 5:13-14). We are to occupy until He comes (Luke 19:13), not sit back and bring it on through inaction. It is He who decides when the end shall be, not us.

Communism has wreaked havoc in every country it has run its course in. This is why history is so important to reflect upon. History is not to ponder on the achievements of yesteryear and wish we could be living in such days, but rather to learn from the mistakes of the past and make wise decisions for the future.

I wrote an entire chapter on the Christians Biblical responsibility in the civil sphere in my book, The Sufficiency of Scripture. Please purchase your copy from this website or send me your address and I’ll send one free of charge if you promise you’ll read it and act upon its mandate.

Joseph Stephen Interviewed by Peter Manuel, FLAG Australia on "Bush Yarn"

29th August 2014 1


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