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The Heroine Unsung – A Poem for Mother’s Day

The Heroine Unsung – A Poem for Mother’s Day
Copyright © 2010-2014 Joseph Stephen from More Than Meets the Eye

I confess that this poem is a poor attempt at what is indeed a difficult task, to capture the achievements and unseen labour and love of a mother. To my wife, my childrens’ mother, and to every mother, this poem is dedicated to you. I originally wrote this in response to the headline news of a 16 year-old Australian girl, Jessica Watson circumnavigating the globe solo.

She hasn’t sailed solo around the globe,[i]
But she's been up many a night rocking infants alone.
She hasn't had her face splashed across the big screen,
Her many achievements are by the masses unseen.
Her singing isn’t heard on the radio,
Yet her voice is the first thing her children will know.
Every child who knows the love of a mum,
Should express adoration to the heroine unsung.

She isn't commanding attention from the big stage,
Her long overtime doesn't triple her wage.
In fact the value placed upon her home role,
Is not recognized by society as a whole.
Her work never ends, she doesn't knock off,
She's always on call, through the calm and the rough.
Take a moment and consider, what you've become,
It's time to say thankyou to the heroine unsung.

You won't find her on the cover of a glossy magazine,
She's not strutting her stuff as a beauty queen.
Yet as hidden treasure deep in the earth,
Those who are discerning understand her immense worth!
She's not in the frontline, fighting our wars,
She's busy keeping house, behind closed doors.
A man one time wisely observed,
That the one who rocks the cradle is the one who rules the world. [ii]

Remember the nights when she soothed your fears?
Cleaned up your messes and wiped your tears?
Those sleepless nights of endless feeds,
Cooking, cleaning, and providing your needs.
Correcting your tantrums, your bad attitude,
Praising your behaviour, when you were good.
You can never remember all she has done,
But you can say thank you to the heroine unsung.

There’s one more rare who deserves special note,
For mother of the year I cast in my vote,
She receives every baby that God sends along,
And chooses to educate her children at home,
Her life is poured out, for her family and Lord,
For her sacrifice, she’ll receive great reward.
She prays that her children will godly become,
She’s content to be, a heroine unsung.

Through the many years of toil and pain,
The love of a mother will always remain.
Though many things change, friends come and go,
The love of a mother is the deepest you'll know.
Show her the honour her works so deserve,
Return her the favour of the deepest of love,
For the years of her caring you can't fathom the sum,
Just remember to say thank you to the heroine unsung.

The storms and the billows she has persevered,
None sailing the ocean has even come near.
Marriage and children are for the long haul,
And it takes a special mum to persevere through it all.
Yet it’s those who for a season grab the lime-light,
And not those who labour by day and by night.
So next time you want to lavish praise on someone,
Remember your mother, the heroine unsung.


[i] Jessica Watson was the youngest woman to sail solo around the world. I do not want to diminish her achievement but simply want to show how that it pales into insignificance compared to the achievement of a mother who raises children from infancy to adulthood, instilling in them the fear of the Lord and nurturing them to be godly, responsible and contributing members of society. It is often easy to notice such achievements as Jessica’s sail yet forget the endless hours of toil raising children. I also want to remind us of the motive and goal of any achievement we attempt in our life. Unless it is for the glory of God, it is wasted effort.
[ii] "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World" by William Ross Wallace 1865.

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