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A Poem for Australia Day 2015

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Aussie Neighbour

Joseph Stephen


Dear Aussie neighbour, may I humbly appeal

Who issued the command that "Thou shalt not steal?"[i]

When one is robbed of a hard earned possession,

Who isn't incensed and filled with frustration?


And then, Aussie neighbour, how would you feel

If one of your family was brutally killed?[ii]

If one took the life of your son or your daughter?

Who uttered the words that "Thou shalt not murder?"[iii]


Oh, Aussie neighbour, have you thought about this?

Who declared it is wrong to bear false witness?[iv]

Does time negate testimony or make truth a lie?

Is the guilty made innocent with the wink of an eye?


The foundation of our law is from Almighty God

Not Muhammad nor Buddha, nor who’s in the top job.

We're reaping the decay of the slippery slide

Of denying this truth in arrogant pride.


We take it for granted, the word of a mate,

Trust is crucial for prosperity to thrive.

Where truth is not the foundation of the State,

Corruption is the only way to survive.[v]


We want Christian values but deny their source,

We love the law when it protects our right.

We cry "injustice!" when the law's not enforced,

But when we’re the guilty, for change we will fight.


We’re casting away, with no second thought,

The source of those values which made us so great,

We embrace all religions, “all equal,” we’re taught,

Soon Sharia Law will too be our fate.


Freedom of religion was not ever meant

For blasphemy against the One heaven sent.

It was for the worship of God unrestrained,

Not to write laws to make the holy profaned. 


These commandments we cherish came from The Book

That most think is fable with no second look.

If that be the case, then so too are these laws,

There's no room for complaint, no pleading your cause.


If it feels good for one to sin against you,

If there are no absolutes, you can’t argue.

Whether raping or murder, lying or theft,

You have no recourse, there is no appeal left.


Dear Aussie neighbour, may I finally conclude

Learn from our forefathers, God’s ways are for our good.

Our constitution’s preamble must be our lifeblood,

“Humbly relying on the blessing of God."[vi]             






[ii] I know. My sister Rachele Suzanne Rowlinson was murdered on 29 March 2013 at Eudunda, South Australia.

[v] Truth and Transformation by Vishal Mangalwadi ©2009 WYWAM Publishing.

[vi] Preamble to Australian Constitution, 9 th July 1900: “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God. . . .”

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