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Creation vs Evolution

Summary of What Creationists Believe

By Joseph Stephen

The media and the atheists stereotype the creationist as one who is anti-science and anti-sense. Anti-science, they say, because we apparently disregard volumes of evidence to hold on to a figment of our imagination, and anti-sense because everyone believes in the proven "fact" of evolution, right? Just what do creationists believe?

Let us first define some terms.

Natural selection is any natural process that chooses one already existing variant of a species over another differing variant of the same species. For example: we can all observe that a dog may produce offspring which has longer hair, shorter ears, different colour fur, etc. We can select by choice to “breed dogs”, or alternatively some factor in the environment such as cold can force the elimination of the shorter haired variety. But in all of history we have never observed either  intelligent or natural selection turn the dog into a non-dog. On that basis we can do one of 2 things. We can believe by faith that given long enough, such a thing could happen, and perhaps a process may be found to make it happen, or we can conclude that no process observed enables dogs to do anything other than produce their own kind as the book of Genesis states God made them to do. In addition we can state that limiting factors are built into the DNA of a species. Any changes we have observed are due to  loss of information in that DNA. We have never observed the reverse i.e. DNA gaining information (just as data duplication occasionally loses but never gains meaningful information).  Different kinds of animals cannot interbreed for this very fact. In fact the farmer’s rule of thumb is that if 2 variants can interbreed then they must be the same kind even though we don’t give them the same name. Natural selection is an observable fact. All creationists agree with evolutionists on this point, but it does not by itself or in combination with any observed process cause evolution in any sense meant by Darwin or Dawkins or other notable atheists.

What does a creationist define as  evolution? Evolution is the assertion that given sufficient time, all life evolved from a simple organism as a result of a random mixture of chemicals from a big bang in the distant past acted on by time and natural process alone . No outside creative intelligence – no God – no creator was involved. This is where creationists and evolutionists differ.

When Darwin came up with his theory, he did not know about DNA. He also did not know about the complexity built into every single living cell, complexity which rivals a large bustling, manufacturing city. Living functional complexity always requires creative intelligence. Design – good or poor never results from time and natural process alone, no more than paint produces Rembrandt or silica produces crystal radio sets – even though the silica has enough information built into it to produce quartz crystals. Any random change to such information – even in the quartz crystal – produces defects. In life- it produces mutational deformities, sickness, cancer death and extinction. The death knell of evolution.

Creationists believe in the biblical account of origins, that God created plants after their kind, birds after their kind, reptiles after their kind, dogs after their kind, cattle after their kind etc. In other words, we do not believe in a common ancestor of all life but that God specially and purposefully created each kind.

We must also define two kinds of science. Observable science is science which performs experiments today and observes results in the present, it is the science which gave rise to all kinds of technology, medicine, etc. Creationists are not anti-science. In fact, the truth is that the majority of scientists before Darwin believed in the God of the Bible, and as a God of absolutes, expected his character to be stamped on his creation, I.e. They expected to find constant laws in nature. It was these scientists which looked for and discovered such laws. The Bible gave them the very framework in which to inquire. Indeed, if all was a result of random chaos, we would not expect nor look for laws of constantsy, we'd have no reason to.

Historical science is faith based. It is an assumption that what we observe today must be able to be extrapolated backward to the beginning. That is what evolutionists believe. This is known as uniformitarianism - the present is the key to the past. On the other hand, creationists believe that the past is the key to the present. Historical science is not testable because none of us were there at the beginning.

Since historical science cannot be proven, both atheists and creationists are left with two ways to observe what we see in nature and conclude something about our origins. This is where creationists and evolutionists greatly differ. What we find in evolutionary textbooks are diagrams and descriptions of what an evolutionist believes should be observable in nature. What is however actually observable in nature does not match the textbooks and in fact agrees perfectly with the biblical account of origins, which is to be expected if the God of the Bible cannot lie.

What is observed in the fossil record? Firstly, the fossil record is a record of where things died, not how things lived. It is also incredibly consistent with a global flood as described not only in Genesis, but in almost every native people group's history. What we observe is that while there used to be animals which are now extinct, most of the fossil record simply shows larger or identical ancestors to living creatures today. In evolutionary terms, there are many so-called living fossils - creatures which did not evolve but in fact devolved. We observe precisely what the Bible teaches, that each species produced after its own kind. Farmers have proven this point from the beginning of time. Each time they plant carrot  seeds they get carrots. They may get a variety of carrots but never corn from carrot seeds or anything else. This is an observable fact which no scientist would argue with. In other words, the facts are consistent with the biblical account of origins, not Darwin's theory of evolution.

If Darwin's theory were true, we would have ample evidence of transitional fossils. To-date, we have none. While some have been touted to be transitional, so-far they have all been fraudulent or later disproven. In any case, even if the one or two which occasionally are reported appeared to be transitional in that they appeared to have the character traits of two different kinds, they do not account for the millions which must exist for his theory to even be considered. He himself expected to find many but in the more than 150 years since his theory, the handful of fraudulent or misunderstood so-called "transitional fossils" are certainly not proof of his theory.

Irreducible complexity is also another fact which disproves evolution. For example, the eye could not evolve in stages but had to be designed fully formed or it simply would not work. Besides, how would an animal know it even needed to evolve the sense of sight and how would it even know what to use it for?

Along with irreducible complexity is the symbiotic relationship of many creatures and plants. For example, how can a koala eat poisonous leaves? How did they evolve a mechanism to tolerate the toxin in the leaves? While they were evolving the mechanism they'd die out. Of course this totally ignores the complexity of the koala as a creature itself. Before we even get to that, how did a male and female of any species just happen to evolve by chance at the same time and then know how to reproduce? Yet almost every single species has a male and female counterpart which agrees with the biblical account of creation. Leaving all of this to time and chance just makes the problem worse. According to the evolutionist, the universe is only 15 billion years old and yet the probability of a single living cell evolving its constituent parts would take far longer than this time, let alone a human brain of more than 100 billion such cells. Even if it could evolve, then you have the problem of information and life. Information and life are both more than simply chemical reactions. In short, to believe in evolution takes greater faith and a belief in miracles, something of course creationists admit to believing in but something which evolutionists vehemently deny. Contrary to popular belief, Christianity is a faith based on revelation and reason, not on fancy


All ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have bad consequences. We are now reaping the terrible consequences of Darwin’s theory of evolution as we observe a generation of purposelessness and death. The consequence of believing that we have no purpose and are simply the result of blind, pitiless chance gives man no reason to exist. Many of our youth either commit suicide or waste their potential by destroying their minds and bodies through drug, alcohol or sodomy abuse. Millions of babies are slaughtered each year since they are nothing more than “lumps of cells”. We kill off our elderly and sick using “natural” selection. We change our nation’s moral law to accommodate the evil desires of a few.


Creationists on the other hand recognise the authority of the creator, the one who has every right to define what is right and wrong and who gave us laws for our own good. We believe His laws when we see them working in nature - we don’t doubt the validity of His law of gravity, yet His law of sin and death is spurned, though we also see it consistently occurring every day. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23). All have broken God’s law which is why He sent His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, into history to pay the penalty of us breaking His moral law. The end result of Creationism is not simply to argue about origins, but to declare rightful authority. It is God who has the authority over man, not man to create his own god. God commands man to repent from his self-willed rebellion and come back under His authority through the Lord Jesus Christ. The main purpose of the theory of evolution was to remove God from science and to deny our accountability to Him. After all, if science could destroy the validity of the only book in history which reveals truth, if it could through the education system undermine any trust in its authority, it could destroy Christianity from the earth. This is nothing more than cutting off the very branch we are sitting on – civilizational-suicide. It was Christianity which gave rise to education, law and order, morality, art, language, music, and yes, science,- the very science now used to destroy the worldview which gave rise to western civilization.

Creation vs. Evolution - Poem

Copyright Joseph Stephen 2009 from More than Meets the Eye - Vision in Verse

More than just atoms banging around,
order and beauty and patterns abound.
emotions and feelings, the human mind,
can't be explained without being designed.

The simplest of atoms is a mystery to man;
and A cell is not simple, but a factory grand.
DNA isn't random it holds vital instruction;
which defines a species and its reproduction.

A cat will never give birth to a dog;
and a prince will not emerge from a frog;
Each kind is unique it can't interbreed,
Evolution is wrong! When will you concede.

Millions or Billions of years its the same.
No length can accomplish evolutions claim.
Even eternity is not enough time,
to generate man from primordial slime.

You can't have a heart beating alone,
or A piece of liver evolve on its own.
Evolution of life has no defence,
Its all or its nothing, or it doesn't make sense.

Geology shows no transitional forms.
The "missing Links" were found to be false.
Examining the evidence there is but one choice.
All things  cry "design" with a unified voice .

Birds migrate to a distant land.
Animals know when danger's at hand.
Bees build hives with incredible skill,
Life is much more than material.

No big bang but a spoken command,
brought forth the sky, the sea and the land.
God created all in six literal days .
Men deny to avoid giving Him praise.

Man was created in the image of God ,
He is no descendent of any primate.
His status is higher than anything made ;
but his rebellion plunged him into a ruinous state .

Seashells scattered on mountain peaks
and fossils of sea creatures far from the beach.
Evidence of water and torrents of mud,
are telltale signs of a global flood.

Yet the truth of creation and the flood are suppressed;
by man's deeds of depravity and unrighteousness .
Through history God has preserved His Word;
The Bible indeed is a two-edged sword .

The Bible told us that the earth was round ,
long before Columbus set sail.
History reveals through providence profound,
It continues to confirm, God's Word will prevail.

He tells us our origin, how we were made.
He tells us we wilfully disobeyed.
He promised a saviour, His birth prophesied,
so that when He came he'd be recognized.

Lord Jesus Christ Fulfilled every prediction,
From the place of His birth to His crucifixion.
His manner of life, the words He would say,
Even His resurrection on the third day .

Perceive His design with every sense.
Examine closely the evidence.
The Bible tells history from beginning to end
and holds the key to salvation my friend .


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