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Speaking Request

If you would like Joseph to speak at your church meeting, camp, conference or other function on any of the following topics, please contact us.

  • Family Reformation: Roles, discipleship, character training, education, family culture, marriage, multigenerational faithfulness, why the next generation are forsaking Christianity.
  • The need for another Church Reformation: What the Bible actually says about the role, operation and function of the local church and how it differs from the majority of local churches today.
  • Creation vs Evolution: The actual evidence - which worldview does it support?
  • Christian Worldview: If all we had was the Bible, how would we live?
  • The Sufficiency of Scripture: The Bible is sufficient to guide us in every aspect of life, not just Sunday worship.
  • Christians in the Civil Sphere: On the one-hand we have Christians who firmly believe we have no place in the Civil Sphere and on the other we have Christians who think they will usher in the Kingdom of God through their Civil involvement. What does the Bible actually teach?
  • Any other topic on this website.
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