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A Homeschool Vision of Victory
If a generation is to rise up and call America back to its biblical foundations, it must surely come..
Building a Family that Will Stand
God appears to be touching the hearts of a growing number of Christian fathers with a hunger to lear..
Can the Western Be Saved From the Hollywood Marxists
For more than half a century, the Western film-the most quintessentially American film genre-has bee..
“Don’t be the Devil’s bellows any longer to blow up the fires of strife. Leave off setting people by..
How to Think Like a Christian
Most Christians think like humanists — not on purpose, mind you, but because they have never been tr..
If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words - Give Your Child the Right Foundation for a Biblical Worldview
Are children’s books containing images of cute animals dressed in clothing and given the characteris..
Making Wise Decisions About College
The majority of Christians approach the “who, what, when, why, where, and how” of higher education b..
Manly Friendships
One reason for the absence of male leadership in the church, the family, and the home is the absence..
More Than Meets the Eye - Vision In Verse
Joseph Stephen's poetry collection. Refreshingly honest, inspiring, and convicting, this poetry c..
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No Greater Joy (Volumes 1 & 3)
In 1994 Michael and Debi Pearl published To Train Up a Child. The book has sold over 625,000 copies,..
Strength and Dignity for Daughters
In these life-changing messages, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin share a message on how a daughter c..
Suffer the Children
The local church is not a gathering place for perfect people. It is an assembly of redeemed sinners,..
The Joy of Family Worship
“What is it that motivates us to do family worship?” How might we answer? What are we doing it for? ..

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